Spa resort Császár is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The address is Árpád fejedelem út 7. Spa building is located near to the hotel. Budapest is situated in the heart of Hungary and has a population of over 1,733,000 citizens.

Spa description

Spa complex Császár uses water from twelve springs. Temperature of springs moves from 15 to 63 degrees of Celsius. Water is slightly radioactive and contains hydrogen-carbon. It also contains sulphur, calcium and magnesium.

Local water is very effective for patients with locomotion system disorder or chronic arthritis and for after operation care. It is very effective as a drinking cure for gum. It is also use for inhalation which helps to cure diseases of breathing and digestion system. Spa resort is equipped by a modern physiotherapeutic unit

The address is: Császár Bath H-1027 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem út 7.

Short history

Local thermal springs are situated along the old Roman army road. It was firstly mentioned in the Gesta Hungarorum, the oldest Hungarian written document. Spa resort was enhanced during the Ottoman reign. During the 18th century, spa resort got its present look. Nowadays it has half Turkish half European appearance.

Places of interest

In sap resort you will find outdoor and indoor pools. Local water is used even by Hungarian State Institute for the treatment of rheumatism and physiotherapy.  

You can also take a trip to the centre of Hungarian capital where you will find a lot of museums galleries. You can visit Hungarian national gallery or national library.

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