Spa town Debrecen is situated in Hajdu-Bihar province, in the north-eastern part of Hungary, near the border with Romania. Spa town Debrecen is the capitol of Hajdu-Bihar province. At the present time Debrecen has a population of over 205,000 citizens.

Spa description

Debrecen can boast beautiful spa resort which is located in the northern part of the city, more exactly in spectacular forest called Nagyerdo. Local thermal water has a temperature of 63 degrees of Celsius. Curing water contains chlorides, iodine, hydrogen, carbonates, salt and bromine.

The building of thermal spa resort is called Aquaticum. Spa resort is opened all year round from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m. In the spa complex you will find pools with steam cabins. Each pool has different temperature of water. Spa resort is divided into thermal and experience spa. Both complexes are connected by glass corridor.

In the large spa copula hall you will find three different pools. Besides this, you can use outdoor curing pool, which is opened whole year round. In all pool there are many kinds of massages available. In two pools there is water gymnastic exercises being organised.

Spa resort has its own well with thermal water. From here, water is being distributed to all spa pools. The highest temperature of water is about 33 - 38 degrees of Celsius.

Short history

Spa resort Debrecen has undergone a big reconstruction and can compete with other high-level spa resorts in the world, which offer not only treatment but also amusement.

Places of interest

In the spa town Debrecen you can find not only thermal curing water but also a lot of water attractions. For children visitors there are baby and shallow pools. You can find there a lot of water slides. Kamikaze belongs to the most popular slides for those, who like fast and dynamic ride. For children visitors there are baby and shallow pools. Among newest attractions we can find water chopper and experience zone. Both attractions can be found in the pool with artificial waves.

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