Spa town Egerszalók is situated in Heves province, in the eastern part of Hungary. Spa town Egerszalók is situated 7 kilometres far from Eger, the capitol of Eger province. At the present time spa town has a population of over 2300 citizens,

Spa description

Spa resort Egerszalók is situated in a small village near Eger, which has a population of over 56,000 citizens.

Egerszalók is known mainly for its excellent wine and curing salt thermal springs. Local salt sediments created very specific and unique natural monument, which you can't fail to notice. Bright white hummock looms over the ground and looks like snowy alpine iceberg. This bizarre white object has sharp contrast on the background of dark green pine forests around.

Local thermal spring is suitable for the treatment of most of the physical disabilities and multiple sclerosis. It also helps to cure dermal and gynaecological diseases. Thermal water has a temperature of 68 degrees of Celsius.

Short history

Most important curing spring in Egerszalók was found during oil exploration campaign in 1961. Many specialists were sure that the spring has extraordinary healing effect. In 1992, after thorough researches it was officially certificated as a unique healing water source with great potential.

Places of interest

In the salt spa resort you will find indoor and outdoor pools. The water in pools has high concentration of calcium, magnesium and salt. Besides excellent pools which are designated for healing purposes, you can also enjoy the whole spa centre with its amazing whirlpools a massage jets. For children there are many water slides, rivers and other attractions. Curing baths should be undertaken in 20 or 30 minutes intervals.

Besides salt spa you can also visit beautiful nature in the surroundings of the town or nice historical town Eger.

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