Gellért Spa is located in the capital of Hungary - Budapest. The city is located in the heart of Hungary and currently has over 1,733,000 inhabitants.

Spa description

Gellért Spa is de facto a well-known spa hotel, which has in its belly indoor and outdoor swimming pools with healing water. The water is calcareous, slightly acidic, bicarbonate, radioactive and also contains a lot of minerals. The water is used for bathing, inhalation and drinking cures. It is also particularly effective for the treatment of articulated and rheumatic diseases, neurosis, neuralgia, gout, gynecological problems and metabolic disorders. This spa hotel offers medical and health services at a very professional level. The address is: Spa Hotel Gellért, H-1118 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 1.

Short history

Hotel Gellért is Hungary's oldest spa hotel. The local mineral springs feeding the baths were known already in the ancient times. One of those springs with very high temperature was called Purgatory, later it was renamed to Virgin bath. After the First World War, the spa was completely rebuilt to its present form and currently it is one of the most elegant four-star hotels in Budapest. Its windows offer some beautiful views on the River Danube.

Places of interest

The water temperature of healing pools ranges from 26 to 38 degrees Celsius. There is a total of eight indoor pools. In the outdoor part, there are three pools. You can still visit the whirlpool section, which offer two other swimming pools and the whirlpool and sitting pool. Spa also offers a wide and very varied range of treatments - complex medical care and inhalatorium. The spa is open every day, with ticket sales ending one hour before the closing time.

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