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Spa town Győr is situated in Győr-Sopron province, in north-western part of Hungary, near the border with Slovakia. The town Győr is the capitol of the Győr-Sopron province. At the present time Győr has a population of over 130,000 citizens.

Spa description

Thermal and experience spa resort Győr is located on confluence of three rivers- Raba, Rabca and Mosoni-Danube. Local water is alkaline and contains hydrogen and carbon-dioxide. The water has temperature of 63 degrees of Celsius and springs from the depth of 2,000 meters. Thermal spa resort has three thermal and five experience pools. Besides this you can find here amazing water slides, children pool, interesting sauna garden, Jacuzzi and a playground. Car park, which is situated in front of the spa resort, has capacity of 500 cars and is completely free of charge. In spa resort there is a wide range of cultural events. In the spa resort you will find several excellent restaurants and bars, which offer extraordinary culinary experience. The address of spa resort is Orszag ut 4.

Short history

The local modern thermal experience spa resort was opened to the public in the October 2003.

Places of interest

Győr is one of the largest Hungarian cities with a beautiful historic baroque centre, which is worth visiting. Most interesting attractions are local magnificent cathedral and an archaeological museum, where you can find exhibition of Ancient Rome and medieval objects. Beautiful atmosphere of the old Győr could be seen in picturesque old streets with many spectacular and interesting buildings. If you want to buy something, you can go to the market, which is situated on the Dunakapu ter embankment.

If you like culture, you just won´t have time to be bored here. Győr is a place where many cultural events are held. From June to July a music, opera and theatre festivals are held here. In March a quality baroque music festival takes place here.

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