Spa town Gyula is situated in Békés province, in the south-eastern part of Hungary. Spa town is situated 16 kilometres far from Békéscsaba, the capitol of Békes province. At the present time Gyula has a population of over 31,600 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Gyula is a picturesque historic town in the south-eastern part of Hungary, near the Romanian border.

Local spa resort was built at the beautiful place of former palace park. The curing water in the spa is alkaline, which means that it contains bicarbonate and high concentration of mineral salt. The water is very suitable for treatment of locomotive system disorder and chronic gynaecological problems. The water also helps as a drinking cure for digestion problems-

Short history

The town Gyula is not only spa town, but it is also an important cultural centre in the south of the Great Plain. In the centre of spa town visitors can see a beautiful palace from the 15th century or unique stronghold from the 13th century, which is the only undamaged one in the Central Europe.

Places of interest

In the Gyula spa resort you will find several indoor and outdoor pools. For the spa guests there are professional services including several types of massages, magnetotherapy or galvanic bath. For sportsmen of all age there is a wide range of sport activities.

You can visit a town museum and don´t forget to stop at the palace museum, which was recently opened for the public. Town churches are also worth paying attention. An orthodox church with the unique iconostasis is very interesting. Besides town churches there is an interesting synagogue with the Hungarian inscription dedicated to the Jew victims of the WWII.

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