Spa town Hajdúnánás is situated in Hajdu-Bihar province, in the north-eastern part of Hungary, near the border with Romania. Spa town Hajdúnánás is situated 46 kilometres far from Debrecen, the capitol of Hajdu-Bihar province. At the present time Hajdúnánás has a population of over 17,400 citizens.

Spa description

Spa resort Hajdúnánás is the third most visited spa resort in Hajdu-Bihar province.  The first two are spa resorts Debrecen and Hajduszoboszlo.

Local curing water was recognized as curing in 1989. The water is rich in salt and has iodine-bromine character. Concentration of minerals is 7981 milligrams per one litre of water. Water is good for treatment of locomotion system disorders, rheumatic and gynaecological diseases.
A modern curing centre wide range of procedures conducted by a professional physician. Spa guests can choose different procedures by themselves. For example, you can try underwater massage, curing massage, mud compress, sauna or carbon dioxide (CO2) bath.

Short history

It was known since the thirties, that under the town there is a geothermal water spring. First well were drilled in the 50s and water was pumped into lake, which was used by local people. The local people were bathing in the improvised lake until a new spa resort was built there. The town´s thermal pool was built in the 60s and the ceremonial opening took place on 15th July 1962.

Places of interest

Spa town Hajdúnánás was founded thanks to its thermal water, which has temperature of 67 degrees of Celsius. The water springs from the depth of 1019 meters. Thermal spa resort covers an area of 14 hectare. Thermal pool complex is situated in a very pleasant area surrounded by greenery. In 2003, the thermal pool was reconstructed and now it is one of the most modern pools in the eastern Hungary.

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