Spa town Hajdúszoboszló is situated in Hajdu-Bihar province, in the north-eastern part of Hungary, near the border with Romania. Spa town Hajdunanas is situated 22 kilometres far from Debrecen, the capitol of Hajdu-Bihar province. At the present time Hajdúszoboszló has a population of over 23,200 citizens.

Spa description

Spa resort Hajdúszoboszló is located in the eastern Hungary near the well-known Great Hungarian Plain. Besides this Hajdúszoboszló can boast an excellent spa resort which attracts more than one million visitors per year There are 19 roofed and opened pools available in the spa resort.

Most visitors come here thanks to local curing hydrogen-carbonic water. The water contains huge amount of salt, iodine sodium, fluoride, bromine, manganese and iron. Besides this, water also contains more than twenty other minerals including asphalt, which (in combination with iodine) gives the water an original dark brown colour.

The temperature of water and mud is about 73-78 degrees. Water is good for treatment of breathing problems, locomotion system disorders, skin and gynaecological diseases.

Short history

Foundation of spa resort in Hajdúszoboszló was just coincidence. In 1925, the oil company was looking for the oil, but instead of it, they found curing water spring which started building of spa resort.

Places of interest

Hajdúszoboszló spa resort offers wide range of sport activities. There are tennis courts, ping pong and small boats.

Very popular place for trips is nearby Hortobagy steppe with its unique fauna and flora. Hortobagy steppe is a national park and the biggest nature reserve in Hungary. It is also worth to visit historical city of Debrecen, which can be reached in 20 minutes by car.

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