Spa town Hárkány is situated in Baranya province, in the southern part of Hungary, near the border with Croatia. Spa town Hárkány is situated 26 kilometres far from Pécs, the capitol of Baranya province. At the present time Hárkány has a population of over 3,800 citizens.

Spa description

Hárkány is situated in the south of Hungary on the river Drava. You can expect here almost the Mediterranean climate. Speciality of this small spa town is local water which contains carbonyl sulfide. The carbonyl sulfide can be found here in gas form, which is quite extraordinary.

Water from local spring contains more sulphur than any other curing water in Hungary. Highly sulphur water is suitable for treatment of many types of diseases. Local water helps with locomotion system disorder and joint problems, psoriasis, gynaecological problems and after injury care.

Spa resort Hárkány is opened every day. It works all year round so that you can come in every season of the year. Indoor and outdoor pools are available.

Short history

Carbon sulfide was found in Hárkány in 1823. The founder was Pogány János, who was curing his ill leg by the local water. From that time Hárkány is one of the most famous Hungarian spa resorts attracting crowds of guests every year. The last modernisation took place in 2003.

Places of interest

Spa resort Hárkány offers wide range of services. Curing procedures include different types of bath, exercises, massages and electrotherapy.

The temperature of the local water moves from 34 to 36 degrees of Celsius. The temperature of fresh water moves from 24 to 27 degrees of Celsius. For children there are shallow fresh water pools with an attractive slide and children playground.

During your stay you can visit a nearby town Pécs, which is the centre of the region. Other favourite places near to Hárkány are wine villages Villány and Siklós.

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