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Spa town Hévíz is situated in Zala province, in the southern part of Hungary, near the border with Croatia. Spa town is situated 35 kilometres far from Zalaegerszeg, the capitol of Zala province. At the present time Hévíz has a population of over 4,300 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Hevíz is one of the most visited Hungarian spa resorts. Local thermal lake covering an area of 44,000 square meters is very popular. It is the second largest peat bottom lake in the world.

Local curing water is pleasantly warm and has an average temperature up to 34 degrees of Celsius. However, the temperature of water in winter months is about 23 degrees. So it is clear that you can take a bath here all year round. The water in peat lake is slightly radioactive. It is good especially for the treatment of rheumatism and joint problems, gynaecological diseases and locomotive system disorder.

Short history

Local peat lake has been the main attraction from the remote history. The first spa houses were opened in 1795. Main credit is due to Györgye Festeticse. Thanks to him Hevíz became famous spa resort throughout the Central Europe. The Earl Festeticse built the central hotel and spa hospital. Both buildings are in use until now. The biggest boom of spa was there during the 20th century.

Places of interest

Spa town Hévíz has many medical institutions and pavilions. Hevíz has a good accommodation capacity and is often chosen as a place for many international medical conferences.

Experience spa complex works all year round and spa tourism is main source of finance here. The town offers a wide range of accommodation including small hotels and pensions. In the evening it is not a big problem to hang out. There are many restaurants, bars and amusement centres. In the famous Thermal hotel there is a casino available.

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