Spa town Igal is situated in Somogy province, in the southern part of Hungary, near the border with Croatia. Spa town Igal is situated 27 kilometres far from Kaposvar, the capitol of Somogy province. At the present time spa town has a population of over 1300 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Igal is situated near Kaposvar, which has a population of over 67,000 citizens. Spa town Igal is a calm and pleasant spa town, which is situated in the hills of the Somogy province.

You can find there several thermal springs with iodine water. The temperature of the springs is 71 degrees of Celsius. Iodine water springs from the depth of 651 meters. The calm family spa resort is visited by over 150,000 visitors per year. Local curing water with high concentration of salt is good not only for bath but also for a drinking cure.

Short history

Local spa resort experienced a great boom in the 70s when Igal became a big spa centre with outdoor pools situated in a beautiful place near the source of healing water.

Places of interest

Spa town Igal specialises mainly in family recreation, you won´t find there any posh or luxurious hotels.

Since Igal is situated not far from Lake Balaton, it is a very popular place for one-day trips of people, who spend their holidays in hotels and campgrounds near lake.

We recommend you to take a trip to Kaposvar, a capitol of Somogy province, where you can find several very interesting historical buildings and monuments. We would like to mention especially the town museum built in neoclassical style or theatre which was built in Art Nouveau style.

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