Spa town Kehidakustány is situated in Zala province, in the southern part of Hungary, near the border with Croatia. Spa town Kehidakustány is situated 30 kilometres far from Zalaegerszeg, the capitol of Zala province. At the present time spa town has a population of over 1000 citizens.

Spa description

Thermal spa complex Kehidakustány is situated only nine kilometres far from another Hungarian spa town Heviz. The distance from the Lake Balaton to spa town Kehidakustány is only 20 kilometres.

Local spa resort is an ideal place for bath and swimming lovers. Indoor experience pools and outdoor pools are waiting for you here. Local sulphur water is qualified as curing. Water does not contain radon, so it is an ideal cure for neurological diseases, locomotion system disorders and gynaecological problems. Local water is suitable for bath, inhalation and drinking cure. The temperature of the local spring is 49 degrees of Celsius. The address of spa resort Kehidakustány is: Kehida Termal Gyogy- es Elmenyfurdo Kossuth L. u. 62 8784 Kehidakustány.

Short history

The story of foundation of spa resort is similar to other spa towns in the Hungary. Oil company was looking for the oil, but they had found curing water which started building of spa resort..

Places of interest

Thermal spa resort Kehidakustány offers also a pool with artificial waves, pleasant shallow pool for children, whirlpool island, brilliant bar by the pools, oasis with different types of sauna and a bar with healthy vegetable salads. Close to the curing water pools there are calm zones for all the adult guests, which have a lot of place for your rest and relaxation. Twice a day you can try water gymnastics.

In modern roofed water centre you will find unique 100-meter long water slide, which will amaze both adult and children visitors by its sound and light effects. The treatment centre also offers wide range of therapies.

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