Spa Resort Margitsziget is located on Margaret Island, in the centre of Hungarian capital Budapest. Margaret Island is located on Danube River, which is 2.5 kilometres long.  The island is covered by parks and greenery. Budapest is situated in the heart of Hungary and has a population of over 1,733,000 citizens.

Spa description

Spa resort Margitsziget was founded thanks to local springs containing magnesium, calcium, hydrogen-carbon, chloride and sulphate.

These spring are use for treatment of locomotion system disorder and backbone diseases.

Margaret Island is suitable place for calm and peaceful relaxation. Thanks to its arboretum the island has very clean and fresh air.

The address is: H-1138 Budapest, Margitsziget.

Short history

The history of spa resort dates back to the 19th century when the springs were explored. The princess Hermina proposed to built there first spa house.

Places of interest

Spa resort can boast a beautiful Neo Renaissance building built by famous architect Miklós Ybl, who live in years 1814 -1891.

The Margaret Island offers a wide range of activities. You can visit interesting Japanese garden which was built in 1936 or you can see a monument which is dedicated to the connection of Buda and Pest from 1973. There is also a zoo and water tower from 1911, which is used as an observation place. In the summer you can enjoy local music fountain which can be found on the UNESCO list. On the island you will also find many restaurants and cafés.

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