The Parádfürdő spa is situated in the Heves region, which lies in the Northeast of Hungary. The capital city of Heves region - Heves Eger - lies approximately 31 km from the spa. Currently, the number of citizens outclasses 2100.

Spa description

The Parádfürdő spa is a modest business situated in a picturesque valley in the Nádra mountains. The bath itself lies on the bank of a small forest stream.

For many centuries, the Parádfürdő town is known for its mineral springs. There is three of them. The first one is sulphuric and sour with arsenous water. The second one is aluminious and the third one is carbonic with high level of minerals.

The bath uses the second spring for the bath cures. The high contain of aluminium is properous for treatment of variety of gynecological diseases and also of futility.

As a drinking cure, the local water is used for the treatment of uterus illnesses and digestion problems. The springs are also used in mineral waters called Klarissza and Csevice.

Short history

The bath building is a protected historical monument which was constructed in year 1830.

Places of interest

The Parádfürdő bath has very beautiful surroundings suitable for trips, particularly it is the local glass factory and the museum of historical coaches.

Another possible destination may be the Eger city, as there is a wide number of Turkish architecture to be seen. Despite of the narrow aisles, Eger is also famous for its vine culture.

We recommend specificaly the local red wine type called The Blood of a Bull - Egri Bigaver. As for the most beautiful buildings of Eger we would point out the basilica, the castle and the minaret. The city centre itself is represented by the Dobó István plaza with a magnificent church.

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