Rudas Spa is located in the capital city of Hungary - Budapest. Budapest is located in the heart of Hungary and currently has over 1,733,000 inhabitants.

Spa description

The particular location of the spa is on the street Dobrentei Tér 9. Its medicinal waters were already known in ancient times.

Rudas Spa offers three main sources of baths, which are fed by fifteen smaller springs. The names of the three main sources are Attila, Juventus and Hungaria. Local water sources has a very high fluoride content.

Healing water from Rudas Dps is particularly suitable for the treatment of rheumatism and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, the active local water is used in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions and treatment of chronic gynecological inflammations. Rudas Spa also offers medicated drinking water which in this way helps in the treatment of kidney stones, treatment of gout and indigestion.

Water temperature in the swimming pool is 29 degrees Celsius; in the steam pools the temperature varies from 28 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius. The address is: Rudas Spa, H-1013 Budapest, Dobrentei tér 9.

Short history

Rudas Spa has a unique architecture, because they come from the time whem the Hungarian capital was ruled by Turks, namely Ali Pasha of Buda. It was in the 15 century, when the foundations were laid. Especially beautiful is the pool hall with a dome with green columns, which was built during the time of Ali Pasha.

Therapeutic swimming pool with sauna was built in 1896.

Places of interest

Rudas Spa is particularly interesting from an architectural standpoint, that is impressive. The dome in the main hall has a diameter of ten meters and is propped up by eight columns. Under the dome an octagonal pool extends.

The rarity of the spa is possibility of swimming at night. Night swimming is possible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from ten o'clock in the evening till four o'clock in the morning. The spa also operates daily hospital with a comprehensive physiotherapy department.

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