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Sárvár Spa is located in Vas county (western part of Hungary, near the border with Austria). Sárvár Spa is 27 kilometers far from the capital city of Szombathely. Currently, the spa town of Sárvár has over 15,600 inhabitants.

Spa description

Sárvár Spa is located in a small pleasant town, but it is very rich in cultural and historical monuments and tourist sights. The town of Sárvár represented very significant and important crossroad in ancient times. In later times it was a very strategic place, because here in the Middle Ages was an enormous strength. In modern times, the region has become important for change and an important center of learning and culture.

Its medicinal spring gushes from a depth of two thousand meters. The temperature source is 83 degrees Celsius and contains chlorides, alkali, iodine, bromine, and a large amount of trace elements. The saline evaporation is used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract and asthma.

The water has excellent results in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, infertility, and rheumatism.

Short history

Sárvár Spa is relatively young spa as it was opened to the general public in 2002. Since then the spa won many major awards in the category Wellness Center and Wellness Medicine.

Places of interest

Sárvár town offers many interesting sights. This is essentially a medieval castle Nadasty-Var, a white tower with an entrance gate and a nice arch bridge. We recommend also to visit the city's arboretum, which covers an area of ten hectares. The arboretum includes many species of exotic plants and more than 350 species of trees and shrubs. Some rare yews and oaks are old more than a hundred years.

Near to Sárvár Spa there is also a nice lake where you can go boating. You can also explore an urban garden and park as there are many opportunities for healthy walk.

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