Spa town Sellye is situated in Baranya province, in the southern part of Hungary, near the border with Croatia. Spa town Sellye is situated 47 kilometres far from Pécs, the capitol of Baranya province. At the present time Sellye has a population of over 2,900 citizens.

Spa description

The town Sellye is situated in the south of Hungary and you can expect here sunny and warm summer. Spa town Sellye belongs to the small spa towns which offer calm and a small town atmosphere. In local spa resort you can enjoy mainly bathing in outdoor pools.

Local water helps with gynaecological problems and growth of hair.

Short history

Sellye is the youngest town in Baranya, which was given town rights in 1997. Important sight is a mansion from the 18th century which is situated at the Köztársaság square.

Places of interest

Spa resort Sellye can be an ideal place for holiday with small children. For them there is a nice children pool where they can enjoy their time here. You can find there also an interesting lake where you can enjoy afternoon boat trips.

If you go to the town, you can visit local museum where you can see a "moving" house. In the rich collection you can see local costumes, woodwork, horn products and household products. Speciality of local exhibition is oak wooden boxes decorated by beautiful geometric ornaments.

If you like sacral sights, we recommend you to take a trip to Drávaiványa,which is five kilometres far from Sellye. Here you can visit a Calvinist church built in 18th century, where you can find a beautiful colourful ceiling and choir. Another unique Calvinist church can be found in a village Kóros. It was built in 1795 and belongs to the most beautiful small churches around here. You can see here beautiful folk ornaments.

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