Spa town Tiszaújváros is situated in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén province, in north-eastern part of Hungary, near the border with Slovakia. Spa town is situated 34 kilometres far from Miskolc, the capitol of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén province. At the present time Tiszaújváros has a population of over 18,000 citizens.

Spa description

Thermal spa resort Tiszaújváros belongs to the most popular and most interesting attraction of the town. You can find there several thermal pools wit different temperature. The treatment in this spa resort is suitable for people with arthritis, urological and gynaecological problems. In the spa complex you can also try tanning salon, hydrotherapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, health exercises or different types of massages.

Short history

Tiszaújváros is purely industrial town by the river Tisza. It is quite young town founded in the fifties of the last century. Therefore, you can´t find there any historical buildings and sights. From this point of view, the spa resort is tourist attraction No. 1. The thermal spa resort was opened in 1999.

Places of interest

Since 1995 Tiszaújváros can boast an official title „The National Town of the Sport“. The town really deserves this award. Besides thermal spa the town offers a wide range of sport activities. It is an ice skating arena, horse riding or fishing on the river Tisza. In the town there is a big sport par, where you can play tennis, table tennis or football. There are also training water canals for kayakers and canoeists.

Tiszaújváros is situated is spectacular Alföld lowland, near the famous wine producing centres Tokaj and Eger. The degustation of the wine is organised in steppe Hortobágy.

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