Zalakaros Spa is located in Zala county (southern part of Hungary, near the border with Croatia and Slovenia). Spa Zalakaros is 53 km far from the capital city of Zalaegerszeg. Currently, the spa town Zalakaros has over 1,700 inhabitants.

Spa description

Zalakaros Spa is located near the Lake Balaton. The local thermal spring temperature reaches 85-99 degrees Celsius. The hot springs have iodine and bromine character. This water contains the highest level of fluorine in the whole Hungary.

Zalakaros Spa offers three modern open-air pools and baths to the public. In the form of local water, the spa is ideal for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for the treatment of postoperative and rehabilitation. Water with high content of fluorine is very effective also for treating chronic gynecological problems. Other applications of this healing waters include special sprays and periodontal paraffin bath.

Short history

Those extremely hot water springs were found in the sixties during surveys about abundant oil deposits. Instead of oil, however, unique healing water was found at a depth of 2,000 meters, which gave rise to the construction of the spa. Now the Zalakaros Spa is one of the most modern Hungarian spa resorts.

Places of interest

In the immediate vicinity of the Zalakaros Spa, the bird sanctuary in Ziman is particularly noteworthy as interesting. Very remarkable experience can also be watching herds of bison which live only sporadically in the wild. Bison are in fact kept in local fields located roughly 10 km from the spa.

We also strongly suggest a little trip to the nearby town Zalavár where you can see the ruins of a major Slavic settlement.

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