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Spa Bešeňová lies in the Žilina Region, in the north-eastern part of the Slovak Republic. Žilina, the capital of this region, is 73 kilometres far from here. At the moment, Bešeňová has a population of more than 500 people.

Spa description

Spa Bešeňová is reputed for its thermal water, which has a positive impact on bones, muscles and joints, urinary tract, and is also suitable for beauty treatments. Even healthy people can profit from bathing in it. The water is pretty hot with a temperature of 60.5°C. However, while coming up to the surface from the depth of 1987 metres, it cools down a little; so in the outdoor swimming pools its temperature ranges from 24 to 39°C. This is a very agreeable temperature, especially in autumn and winter.

At the moment, the spa has as many as 8 outdoor swimming pools, all filled with geothermal water. More specifically, they are two swimming pools, five “relaxation pools” and one non-swimmers’ pool. They are suitable for visitors of any age and most of them are open all year long.

Apart from these, there are also some indoor pools, including a sitting pool and a large swimming pool, where you can enjoy some of the numerous water attractions, e.g. stainless slide, water mushroom, different spouts. There is also children´s pool with a very popular slide. Indoor pools have been available for visitors since 2006, and, therefore, are very modern and literally shine with newness.

Short history

The archaeological research has proved that the thermal springs in Bešeňová were used by the Celts in the ancient times. The earliest written evidence of the village itself dates back to 1279.

Places of interest

The guest in Bešeňová can enjoy the services of an attractive wellness and spa centre called “Vitálny svet” (the World of Vitality), where you can boost your immunity and relax from the stress of everyday life. You can try inhalation, Roman bath, sauna or special massages. The spa also houses a relax centre by qualified therapists, who can provide different kinds of massages or even light therapy. There is also a solarium, a fitness centre and a relax room. If you like, you can also do aerobics, play different games, or try the whirlpool and the so-called Aqua Bar, where only the clients in swimsuits are served.

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