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Bojnice is located in the Trenčín region, in the western part of the Slovak Republic. Trenčín, the region’s capital is about 62 kilometres far from the spa. At the moment, Bojnice has a population of more than 4900 people.

Spa description

The spa in Bojnice has an excellent reputation world-wide. There has been a vast reconstruction recently, so everything shines with newness. 

The spa specializes in the treatment of bones, muscles and joints. All in all, there are nine spring with curative mineral water in the area. In Bojnice, the guests can enjoy outdoor thermal swimming pools all year long. The spa has a sauna, a salt cave, a minigolf course and some tennis courts as well.

The treatments are based on the use of thermal water with the temperature ranging from 28 to 52°C and the curative mud, which is found near one of the springs. If you need to relax your body and mind, wandering in the well-kept parks or beautiful forests of the area is an ideal thing to do.

Short history

The first written evidence of the spa dates back to 1113. Thermal springs of Bojnice were mentioned in an official document of the Hungarian King Coloman. This document is deposited in the archives of Zobor Abbey. The modern history of the spa began in 1959, when Bojnice officially became a spa town. Since then, it has been a very popular place to visit.  

Places of interest

While staying in the spa you can visit the reputed Bojnice Castle which has a beautiful interior full of historical furniture and an undoubtedly romantic athmosphere. You can also see a valuable collection of paintings there. 

The spa is not far away from the well-known Bojnice Zoo, either. It is one of the largest and the most beautiful zoos in the European Union.

In summer, outdoor thermal swimming pool called Čajka is open, too.

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