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Brusno is situated in the Banská Bystrica region, in the central part of the Slovak republic, just 20 kilometres far from Banská Bystrica, the region’s capital. At the moment Brusno has a population of more than 2100 people.

Spa description

Brusno consists of two villages: Hronov and Brusno. The spa lies in the Slovak Ore Mountains on a small river called Peklo, which is of the Hron’s tributaries. Digestive and circulatory diseases and certain diseases of bones, muscles and joints are treated here. For this purposes, the spa uses water from mineral springs. The treatments offered in Brusno include drinking cure and curative baths of different kind.

The spa has six mineral springs with the water temperature ranging from 16 to 20°C. The springs are of three kinds: the springs containing carbon dioxide, the ones containing bicarbonates and sulfur and the ones containing calcium, sodium and potassium. While the springs Ľudovít and Mária are mainly used for drinking cure, the rest of the springs are used for hydrotherapy, which has an immensely positive effect on the human body.  

Short history

The earliest written evidence about the thermal springs dates back to 1818. It can be read in the parish chronicle in Medzibrod. At first, the springs were used by miners and lumberjacks. The construction of the first spa building was started in 1834. The spa started to flourish after the railroad connecting Banská Bystrica and Podbrezová was finished in 1884. Other buildings were added to the spa after WWI. Most of them were destroyed during the WWII. They were reconstructed in 1950s. In 1985, the biggest spa house called Poľana was opened. Even now, this spa house is still in business.

Places of interest

Thanks to its location near three mountain ranges (the Slovak Ore Mountains, Poľana and the Low Tatras), Brusno is an ideal place for hikers.

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