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Spa Dudince lies in the Banská Bystrica Region, which covers the central part of the Slovak Republic. Dudince is located 78 kilometres far from Banská Bystrica, the region’s capital. At the moment, the town has a population of more than 1400 people.

Spa description

Dudince spa is situated in a very fertile wine region in the southern part of Central Slovakia. Hungarian frontier is not very far away, either. Thanks to this location, the weather in Dudince is mild and agreeable. While the winters here are moderate, the summers are rather hot. The town gets a considerable amount of sunny days per year, which can be seen as a promise of having a good time while staying here.

The mineral water of the area contains a great variety of minerals and large amount of both carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. This remarkable chemical composition makes it unique within Europe. Although it is primarily used in balneotherapy, drinking of this water is highly recommended to patientsm, too.

The curative effects of local water have been known for a very long time. Small travertine swimming pools carved out a long time ago can still be seen in the area. They are known as the “Roman spa”.

Short history

The earliest written evidence of the spa in Dudince dates back to 1284. In an old document from 1301, two separate settlements are mentioned: Horné and Dolné Dudince. In the past, mineral springs belonged to noblemen. In the 19th century, Dudince was a part of the property of the Prince of Coburg, who, however, was not quite interested in expanding the spa. At the time, the village consisted of 19 cottages inhabited by 112 people.

Places of interest

Dudince is a great place for the lovers of bicycle touring. Moreover, a thermal swimming pool is open in the town in summer. Local hotels offer a wide choice of sightseeing trips both in Slovakia and Hungary. These trips often include a visit to one of local wine cellars connected with degustation of quality wines. If you are in need of a peaceful and leisurely holiday because of your health, Dudince is simply perfect for you.

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