Lučivná Spa is located in Prešov region (northeastern part of the Slovak Republic). Lučivná Spa is 94 km far from the regional city of Prešov. Lučivná municipality currently has over 900 inhabitants.

Spa description

Lučivná Spa is the largest spa for children in the Slovak Republic. It is located in Poprad valley in the picturesque and beautiful environment under High Tatras. The actual spa is situated at an altitude of 816 meters. Around the spa is still wonderfully unspoiled and virgin nature, especially the lush evergreen forest with an area of thirty hectares. The entire spa area separates itself from the outside world and serves exclusively to pediatric patients. Pleasant mountain climate, clean air and a large number of sunny days to help  the quick and rapid recovery of the patients.

Spa Lučivná focus mainly on providing spa care for children with non-tuberculous respiratory disease, which is an integral part of comprehensive spa treatment.

Short history

History of local spa started to be written in the late 19th century, as the complex was founded in 1872 by local landowner Donath IV. Várady-Szakmáry. In 1921 it underwent a severe crisis and spa at one point threatened their final closing. Spa survived the hardest crisis, so the activity could continue. In 1937, the complex even expanded by two modern pavilions, in 1948, children's climate hospital was built.s

Places of interest

In a beautiful spa area, children can find a multifunctional playground, which is used for the treatment of PE and is a suitable complement to leisure. In case of inclement weather, equipped modern gym is available to the clients. In the winter months, children's ski lift with ski rental is available. Those who do not like skiing can rent skates and skating rink at the local spa.

Lučivná Spa also have an elementary school, a dining room and children's parks. Spa serves as a place of relaxation and fun.

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