Spa Marína is located in Banská Bystrica Region (central part of the Slovak Republic). Spa Marína is 18 km far from the regional city of Banská Bystrica. Spa Marína is part of the Kováčov municipality, which currently has over 1,500 inhabitants.

Spa description

Spa Marína is situated at an altitude of 300 meters on the right bank of the river Hron almost midway between the great historical cities of Banská Bystrica and Zvolen. In this spa, the most commonly treated diseases are those connected with motion system, neurological, orthopedic, rheumatologic, post-traumatic and postoperative states. Spa also offers rehabilitation for pediatric patients, especially children with cerebral palsy. If necessary, treated children are accompanied by their parents and can arrive here repeatedly. Basic pool and baths procedures are topped up with wraps and various types of massages.

Spa Marína offers K1 thermal water with a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The institute has a highly professional medical staff, which uses all available information of the latest medical science.

Short history

Thermal spring called Kováčová was discovered quite accidentally during exploration in search of coal deposits at a depth of 405 meters. Since then, history of the spa began to write itself. The foundation stone for the building was laid in 1969. Another addition was then children sanatorium for physically disabled children (built in 1976).

Places of interest

Spa Marína offers speech therapy, hippotherapy, canistherapy and balneotherapy for pediatric and adult patients. In the scope of balneotherapy, you can use bubble bath, underwater massage, Scottish sprays, paraffin wax or sauna. All treatments are provided in one building.

Spa Marína is surrounded by beautiful countryside and the capacity is currently 216 beds.

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