Nový Smokovec

Nový Smokovec

Nový Smokovec is situated in the Prešov Region, in the northeastern part of the Slovak Republic. Prešov, the region’s capital, is about 92 kilometres far from here. Nový Smokovec is one part of a town called Vysoké Tatry, which has a population of more than 4800 people.

Spa description       

The spa in Nový Smokovec lies 1018 metres above sea level. North of the spa, majestic peaks of the High Tatras rise to the sky, in the south, the town of Vysoké Tatry is situated.

People come to Nový Smokovec to breathe fresh mountain air, which has positive effects on human body. This treatment is called climatotherapy and it consists in being outside and breathing the pure and fresh air. Climatotherapy is often supplemented by light therapy, which stimulates and invigorates the body.

The main advantage of the local climate is a high concentration of ultraviolet light. Low air pressure, low temperature and sunlight have made Nový Smokovec a very popular climatic spa not only in Slovakia but also in the European Union as a whole.

Short history

The spa was founded by Mikuláš Szontagh. Before establishing it in 1875, he worked as a doctor in the spa in Starý Smokovec, and later also in Davos, Switzerland, and Merano, Italy. After WWII, the spa was nationalized.

The spa has undergone an extensive reconstruction lately. It offers quality services including massage, inhalation, electrotherapy, peat wraps and so on. Since 2007, these have been provided in a brand new modern wellness centre.

Places of interest

The spa consists of three first-class hotels. There are two three-star hotels called Palace and Branisko and a four-star hotel called Palace Grand. The spa also has a stylish restaurant Svišť (Marmot). In Svišť you can enjoy traditional Slovak dishes sitting in a beautiful wooden interior. During warmer months, you can eat outside on a heated terrace. As the spa is situated in the mountains, there are excellent conditions for hiking or other sports.

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