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Podhajská Spa is located in Nitra Region (southeastern part of the Slovak Republic). Spa Podhajská is 40 km far from the regional city of Nitra. Currently, the Podhajská village has over 1000 inhabitants.

Spa description

Spa Podhajská has active geothermal water, which has a unique composition. Water composition is very similar to water that is located in the Dead Sea in the state of Israel. This tertiary sea water contains a large number of minerals. In some ways, however, Podhajská water has not the same structure like the one from Dead Sea, namely this one contains ten times less salt.

Water in Podhajská thus contains unique sea salt, so that when external use, it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cleansing effect. Furthermore, this unique water contains a harmonious composition of boric acid and silica, zinc, magnesium, iodine, lithium, calcium, chromium, bromine, potassium, strontium, fluorine, rubidium, titanium, copper, iron and other elements and minerals.

Water in Podhajská mainly contains elements and minerals which have a great impact on all kinds of eczema, rashes, and skin diseases. In the past, there are known cases when various skin diseases were improved while using this water. Mineral water in local pools is very warm, but no need to worry in any way about the multiplication of viruses and bacteria, as the content of iodine in the water is so high that completely prevent the spread of any communicable diseases. Due to the high concentration of iodine, water in Podhajská Spa has special brownish color and specific smell.

Short history

The history of the local thermal spa dates back to 1973. At that time, first professional deep borehole was made there. This deep borehole led to a depth of 1900m. This spring was later used for fumigation of their greenhouses. While discovering the source, mineral water with a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius squirted from beneath the earth's surface.

Places of interest

Currently, people can visit the total of seven pools in Podhajská Spa. Of these seven pools, the most popular one is so-called sitting pool as it is impregnated with thermal water with a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. You can also visit two thermal pools that have the temperature to 28 degrees Celsius.

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