Poprad is situated in the Prešov Region, in the north-eastern part of the Slovak Republic. Prešov, the capital of the region, lies 82 kilometres far from the spa. At the moment, Poprad has a population of more than 53 000 people.

Spa description

In Poprad a modern aquapark AquaCity attracts countless visitors with its thermal swimming pools and many other water attractions. The pools are filled with geothermal water, which has the temperature of 49 °C when it reaches the surface.

This water contains carbon dioxide, sodium, magnesium, calcium and large amounts of

hydrocarbures. The water springs to the surfaces naturally, there is no need of drilling.

Short history

The contruction of AquaCity Poprad was initiated by a successful businessman Jan Telenský, who discovered a thermal spring in the High Tatras. Thanks to this discovery, people found out that there are large underground lakes with thermal mineral water in the area.

AquaCity Poprad has been in business since the beginning of the 21st century. The complex was opened in 2003. About one million visitors come here each year.

Places of interest

The view of the majestic peaks of the High Tatras is breathtaking and it makes the experience of AquaCity Poprad even more intense. The proximity of this reputed mountain range will certainly represent a temptation for all the enthusiasts of hiking and climbing. 

AquaCity offers a wide choice of water attraction. One of them, the Mayan Pyramid is particularly popular. It is 20 metres high and surrounded with three one-metre deep pools, which contain water with the temperature of 30°C. There are different kinds of showers, fountains and water mushrooms in these pools.  You can climb to the first floor of the pyramid and then slide down a slightly wavy slide back into the water. For children, AquaCity offers a “jungle gym” with a ball pool, where their can train their balance and improve other skills under supervision of a staff member.

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