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Spa Smrdáky is situated in the Trnava Region in the western part of the Slovak Republic. Trnava, the capital of the region, lies 50 kilometres far. At the moment, spa town of Smrdáky has a population of more than 700 people.

Spa description

Spa Smrdáky is a magical place in the middle of beautiful and diverse countryside of the West of Slovakia. The spa is surrounded with a magnificent park, which is in harmony with the landscape of the area. The spa uses hydrotherapy to treat different skin diseases. The success of the treatments lies in the local mineral water, which contains the highest amount of hydrogen sulphide in Europe (680 mg/l). Apart from this unique water, there is curative sulphur mud in the spa, too.

Mud wraps and curative baths are provided in the main building Balneoterapia, other treatments are offered in the rehabilitation centre of Centrál Hotel located nearby.

Short history

The history of Smrdáky is closely connected to the curative springs of the area. At first, this small village in the Senica District was called Nová Ves (the new village). Later on, the people of the village began to be called „Smrdáci“ (the stinking men) because of the characteristic smell of the mineral water. The term caught on and became the name of the settlement. The first spa building was built by Josef Vietoris in 1832 – 1833. In the following years, he added another building and the beautiful park, which lies on dried marshland.

Places of interest

As it was mentioned before, the treatment in Smrdáky mainly consists in hydrogen sulphide water baths and sulphuric mud wraps. During these treatments, hydrogen sulphide penetrates the skin and gets into the body, which is good for patients with inflammations and immunity problems. The treatment is supplemented by rehabilitation and light therapy.

There is a nice little castle in the spa, built by Josef Vietoris after the establishment of the spa. The castle with its beautiful classical portal has become an important symbol of the spa.

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