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Štrbské Pleso Štrbské Pleso

Spa Štrbské Pleso is situated in the Prešov Region, in the north-eastern part of the Slovak Republic. Prešov, the capital of the region, lies 92 kilometres far from here. Štrbské Pleso is an integral part of the town of Vysoké Tatry, which has a population of more than 4800 people at the moment.

Spa description

Spa Štrbské Pleso has achieved excellent results in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. It specializes in the treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermo-respiratory syndrome, chronic sinusitis and sinobronchitis. It also deals with post-operative conditions of the respiratory tract, complications arising from recurrent pneumonia and after-effects of inhalation burns.

The spa is protected from northern and western winds by mountains. This profitable location together with the thick forests of the area contributes greatly to the purity of air.

The spa receives large amounts of sunlight and ultraviolet light. This is very good for the human body, because the exposure to sunlight incites the production of vitamin D in the body. The high air humidity helps the patients to cough out the phlegm.

The success of the spa in Štrbské Pleso can be partly imputed to atmospheric electricity. Because of it, air of the area contains a small amount of heavy ions. The mountain air is refreshing and helps the patients to recover more quickly.

Short history

Local springs have been used to treat the patients with respiratory and lung diseases for more than a century. The earliest written evidence of the spa tradition in Štrbské Pleso dates back to 1719. The spa itself, however, had not been founded until 1877. The establishment of the spa is connected with baron Jozef Szentiványi, who started to provide water therapy in here. In 1885, Štrbské Pleso officially became a spa town.

Another important year to mention is 1976, when the Hélios sanatorium came into existence. During the period from 1995 until 1997, the spa house Solisko was reconstructed. Solisko has received four international prizes for its activities, which proves the quality of the spa.

Places of interest

Spa Štrbské Pleso has the highest elevation out of all Slovak spas. Apart from regular treatments, it also provides climatotherapy, the main principle of which is to ensure that the patients spend a lot of time outside, breathing the pure mountain air. This treatment is usually supplemented with medical rehabilitation.

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