Štúrovo is located in the Nitra region, in the southwestern part of Slovakia. It lies 87 kilometres far from Nitra, the region’s capital. At the moment, Štúrovo has a population of more than 11 000 people.

Spa description

In Štúrovo the biggest thermal aquapark in Slovakia is located. The town lies right on the Hungarian frontier and is divided into two parts by the river Danube. On the Hungarian side, the town called Estergom is situated. Budapešť, the capital of Hungary, is just 48 kilometres far from here.

All in all, there are 9 swimming pools in the large complex of the aquapark, two of which are located indoors. The temperature of the water is as high as 36 °C. The children can enjoy toboggans, slides, a merry-go-round, a playground and bumper cars. The swimming pool Hviezda (Star) covering an area of 1350 square metres is the biggest and the most popular. Swimming in Hviezda feels like swimming in the sea, because waves are artificially generated in this pool. In the huge complex, there is also a big two-hectar lake. The visitors can fish in this lake and there are also paddle boats and small boats to rent. 

Short history

First thermal pool in Štúrovo was built and filled with mineral water in 1952. However, the thermal spa began to flourish in 1970s, when many exploratory wells were drilled here. After 1978, thermal swimming pools started to be more widely used. In 1983, a hotel was built nearby, in order to provide the visitors with accommodation.

Places of interest

In the area around Štúrovo, you can take a trip to a beautiful Romanesque rotunda, which is situated in the village called Bíňa. Lovers of nature can go to Kováčovské hills and enjoy a nice view of the Danube. You can also pass the frontier and visit Estergom, which boasts one of the biggest and the most beautiful basilicas in the Central Europe. You can also see a ruined castle, which is situated high above the town. 

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