Tatranské Zruby

Tatranské Zruby

Spa Tatranské Zruby is located in the Prešov Region (northeastern part of the Slovak Republic). Spa Tatranské Zruby are 92 km far from the regional city of Prešov. Tatranské Zruby are a town in High Tatras, which currently  has over 4800 inhabitants.

Spa description

Spa Tatranské Zruby lies at an altitude of 995 meters and provides a comprehensive climate spa treatment.

The spa benefits from a mountain climate, which provides thinner air with low oxygen content, so it has a beneficial effect on the human organism and its thermoregulatory system. There is a clean environment, indicative especially for allergy sufferers and patients who suffer from respiratory diseases. It also has a  favorable effect on people with reduced resistance to infections, with hypochromic anemia, neuroses and hypertension. The basic procedures include spa therapies climatotherapy, which is supplemented by inhalation therapy, whirlpool bath, oxygen therapy, magnet therapy and heat treatment.

Local super modern rehabilitation ward was started only in 2010.

Short history

Small settlement Tatranské Zruby was established in 1923 under the designation Vojenské Zruby, as it was the log cabin training camp for mountain troops of the Czechoslovak army. After the Second World War, this settlement has seen a heyday by building additional accommodation buildings for rehabilitation and cures for soldiers with families. Hotel Tatranské Zruby was built for military sanatorium in 1967. The hotel serves to spa visitors after many reconstructions even nowadays.

Places of interest

The main hotel is a perfect place for family vacation. The hotel has modern playground, fire pit for roasting sausages and creative animation program. The hotel provides gym, tennis court, table tennis or billiards. Spa  Tatranské Zruby also offers treatments and massages. Exceptional location of the spa in the central part of the High Tatras is ideal for mountain tourism.

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