Veľký Meder

Veľký Meder
Veľký Meder Veľký Meder Veľký Meder Veľký Meder Veľký Meder Veľký Meder Veľký Meder

Veľký Meder Spa is located in the Trnava region, which lies in the southern part of the Slovak Republic. Veľký Meder Spa is 70km far from the regional city of Trnava. Currently, Veľký Meder village has over 8800 inhabitants.

Spa description

Veľký Meder Spa offers several medicinal pools, which have a very nice hot water. In the summer months you can also visit the open outdoor areas, which also provide several swimming pools to the visitors. These include a swimming pool and a pool for children. In the thermal Veľký Meder Spa every lover of bathing surely finds his favorite pool. Even discerning visitors and clients will have fun, as there are several kiosks with snacks or local style restaurants in an extensive range of the spa.

Short history

A modern thermal baths Veľký Meder are open only since 2004. For domestic and foreign visitors, Veľký Meder Spa currently offers a lot of sport activities and a large number of modern thermal pools.

Places of interest

A major attraction is primarily a local spa sauna. The local sauna offers perfect relaxation, which will also boost your overall health conditions. In Veľký Meder Spa, there are some great saunas that you can try and visit. For example, you can try a great herbal sauna or steam room. There is also the classic and original Finnish sauna. Thermal baths Veľký Meder will satisfy all visitors who are fond of water activities. In particular, we suggest you try a great massage bathtub, which is called "Yakuza".

Out of a great and wonderful sauna, there are many other quality services that will please both women and men. For instance you can go to a beauty salon or enjoy a swim in the large swimming pool, which has a pleasant temperature of 25 Celsius degrees. For the little ones there is a wonderful roller coaster ready to totally entertain your kids for several long hours.

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