Spa Lasko is located in Lower Styria county, which lies in the northeastern part of Slovenia. The main center of Lower Styria is the city of Maribor. Spa Lasko is located about 67 kilometers to the south from Maribor. Currently, a little over 13,700 inhabitants live in the spa town of Lasko.

Spa description

You can find the cozy spa on the lower reaches of the river Savinja, located south from the historic city of Celje at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers. Spa Lasko has thermal water which has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the human body. The spa is nestled in untouched nature that enchants every visitor of this pleasant spa.

Lasko Thermal Spa Center offers modern medical tourism with many therapeutic treatments. Spa Lasko is particularly suitable for those who suffer from rheumatic diseases, and diseases of the joints. Local thermal water reaches temperatures of 32-34 degrees Celsius, and mainly contains calcium, magnesium and sodium. Unusual treatments as balneotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy and physiotherapy are also used here for various treatments.

The large modern spa area includes several indoor and outdoor pools, including different types of saunas. For children there is a children pool and a pool with sea waves and "Wild River".

Short history of the spa

The local pleasantly refreshing thermal water has been already known by ancient Romans, who used the healing water to treat various war injuries. Greater spa services, however, began to run in the 19th century. The great merit of it lies on the shoulders of Emperor Franz Josef I, who chose the spa for his summer residence.

Spa attractions

Lasko Spa benefits from its popularity also because of the local beer. Lasko Brewery brews delicious beer since 1825. Brands such as "Zlatorog" and "Lasko Beer" are a guarantee of good quality.

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