Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice
Moravske Toplice Moravske Toplice Moravske Toplice Moravske Toplice Moravske Toplice

Spa Moravske Toplice is located in Prekmurje region, which lies in the northeastern part of Slovenia. The capital city of the region is Murska Sobota. Spa Moravske Toplice is located about 8 km to the north from the capital city. Currently, little over 750 inhabitants live in the spa town of Moravske Toplice.

Spa description

Spa in the Moravian Toplice is sometimes called Terme 3000 and provides a beautiful modern complex of indoor and outdoor pools. This modern water park offers a variety of attractive and interesting services. In an extensive water park complex you can relax in the spa center Thermalium. Thermalium’s main attraction is the "black" carbonated thermal water, which rises from a depth of 1175-1467 meters above the sea level. This unique thermal water has temperature of 72 degrees Celsius, which is a rarity, since carbonic springs are rather cold or lukewarm. The local thermal spring dioxide not only has great therapeutic effects on the human body, but at the same time it successfully recovers your skin. Swimming in the local water improves and accelerates blood circulation. Hot thermal water also reduces nervous tension and significantly accelerates the natural tanning.

Short history of the spa

The local unique carbon hot spring was declared a natural remedy in 1964. Modern spa Terme 3000 were not inaugurated until 2000.

Spa attractions

Terme 3000 provides a large number of water sports and attractions. The extensive grounds are a total of 22 outdoor and indoor pools. There is also a large water slide, on which you can go down to the speed of 65 km per hour in 7.5 seconds. In addition, there is a unique water slide tower which is 22 meters high.

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