Spa Portorož is located in the Slovenian Littoral county, which lies in the southern part of Slovenia. The main center of the Slovenian Littoral is the city of Nova Gorica. Spa Portorož is located about 92 kilometers to the south from Nova Gorica. Currently, just over 2,800 inhabitants live in the spa town of Portorož.

Spa description

Portorož Spa is an oceanfront spa, located in the Bay of Piran. The climate is very mild, so it is definitely a popular tourist resort.

Local thermal baths can be found at LifeClass hotel. The modern hotel offers attractive wellness programs with mud and salt baths. In addition to these services, you can still order here mud wraps, massages and inhalations.

Spa Portorož is also a health resort because of its location at the Adriatic Sea. Saltwater treatments were herein practiced for a long time, because the salt water affects very well the human skin. So if you have problems with psoriasis, definitely visit Portorož.

Short history of the spa

Therapeutic effects of saltwater were already known by the monks of the Benedictine monastery of St. Lovrenco near Portorož and that was in the 13th century. With the boom of tourism in the eighties and nineties of the last century, the climatic health resort of Portorož also received wider recognition all around Slovenia and Europe.

Spa attractions

Name of Portorož is derived from the Latin word "Portoro Rose" which in English means "Port of Roses". The importance of Portorož correctly, because there is a large marina in the city and you can see roses almost at every step.

Portorož also provides excellent opportunities for bathing. The local bright sandy beach is the longest beaches in Slovenia. Around this beautiful sandy beach you will find a large number of recreational and sports facilities or a romantic harbor and the casino. There is also an international seminar “Forma Viva” about sculptures held here every summer.

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