Spa Ptuj is located in Lower Styria (Spodnja Styria) county, which lies in the northeastern part of Slovenia. The main center of Lower Styria is the city of Maribor. From Maribor, Ptuj spa is approximately 30 km far to the southeast. Currently, just over 20,000 inhabitants live in the spa town of Ptuj.

Spa description

Spa Ptuj is located in the Slovenian city which is one of the oldest towns across Slovenia. Ptuj Thermal Spa carbonic draw water from two springs that bubble up from a depth of 1050-1590 m. The local thermal spring temperature reaches 39-54 degrees Celsius. This spring has healing powers. The spring is particularly suitable for rehabilitation of rheumatic and degenerative diseases. At the same time has a beneficial effect on neurological diseases and movement disorders.

Short history of the spa

Spa Ptuj has a very long history, as early as Roman times it has been becoming an important regional center with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants.

Spa attractions

Spa Ptuj boasts with a large sauna world. The guests can choose from nine different saunas. There are also indoor and outdoor pools and a modern wellness center available. Attractive wellness center is divided into several stylish design parts. Gradually, you can visit the Indian, Egyptian, Roman and also the Japanese part of the complex. Here you can also take advantage of a variety of massages, as well as aromatic baths and paraffin wraps.

Spa Ptuj is also designed for children who will definitely not be bored. The spa area includes a number of extreme slides. There is also a very popular wave pool. During the day there are organized special entertainment programs for children.

The spa area also provides a fitness center and a golf course. In the nearby town of Ptuj you can ride a bike around the city as it is a lot of quality cycling trails.

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