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Spa Radenci is located in Prekmurje region, which lies in the northeastern part of Slovenia. The capital city of the region is Murska Sobota. Spa Moravske Toplice is located about 11 km to the west from the capital city. Currently, just over 2100 inhabitants live in the spa town of Radenci.

Spa description

Spa Radenci is situated on the edge of the beautiful Pannonian Plain, which is located very close to the border with Hungary and Austria. Spa Radenci is very successful spa complex with a good reputation. At the top level are primarily medical devices for cardiovascular diagnostic tests. The spa also have a good team of specialized doctors who carefully attend to the health of the hotel clients.

The spa includes a health center named "Tri srca" that provides rehabilitation of patients after cardiovascular surgery, stroke and after a heart attack. Furthermore, patients with high pressure difficulties circulation of the lower limbs, angina pectoris or with osteoporosis are also treated here.

Short history of the spa

Spa Radenci was built on natural sources of mineral water which was discovered here in 1833.

Spa attractions

Spa Radenci boasts with modern aqua center including a large number of indoor and outdoor pools. There are waterfalls, Jacuzzi whirlpool, underwater massages and sauna. The spa area includes a wellness center, clay tennis courts, gym, solarium and other services. If you accommodate in the spa complex, every day is ready for you with very rich sports program, which includes morning gymnastics and water exercises and in the afternoon you can sip fruit and vegetable juices in the spa bar. For more demanding clients there are possibilities of horseback riding, rafting the river Mura or adrenaline ballooning.

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